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Massive water debt swamps Outapi 

2020-03-03  Loide Jason

Massive water debt swamps Outapi 
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The Outapi Town Council has started disconnecting the water supply of all the residents and businesses that owe the town authority a collective debt of N$28 million.

The town CEO Nashilongo Ananias confirmed the ongoing water disconnections, saying the authority took the radical measure after NamWater had threatened to disconnect water at the town by 20 March.
Nashilongo explained that the council received a letter yesterday from NamWater indicating that they must pay an amount of more than N$6 million before 20 March to avoid its water being disconnected.
“Despite numerous telephonic reminders and walk-in visits from our debtors division to get your council settle its account with NamWater, there has been no improvement and the situation on your account continues to deteriorate,” read the letter seen by New Era yesterday.

 The letter further explained to the council that if it failed to pay the N$6 million NamWater would be compelled to cut off the water for the entire town.
Although the town council’s chief executive officer refused to reveal the names of those heavily in debt, a source from the council who spoke on condition of anonymity said that business personalities in the town top the list.

The source explained that the council made numerous attempts to approach the residents and business people to settle their debts in order for the council in turn to settle its debt, but this has fallen on deaf ears. Nashilongo said the situation had forced the council to call for the special council meeting that decided that the suspension of water of all the people that owed the council money for water should commence.

“The council has decided that water must be suspended at all the households, business people and government institutions, that is what we are busy doing and our guys are already busy on site,” he confirmed.
The source said most government entities in the town also owe the council a lot of money. These include Outapi hospital that owes N$327 000, the Ministry of Safety and Security that owes N$219 000, the Ministry of Agriculture N$113 000 and one school that owes N$100 000.

The list seen by New Era indicated that government institutions owed N$1,2 million and the rest of the arrears are with individual households and businesses.

However, the source said that the council had held several meetings with all the residents in town that are using the council water, encouraging them to pay and settle their debts, but they have not been forthcoming though he still hoped the owed money would be paid. 

2020-03-03  Loide Jason

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