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MTC, OMDis Oranjemund talk digital transformation

2023-04-21  Staff Reporter

MTC, OMDis Oranjemund talk digital transformation

ORANDJEMUND – Digital enabler and innovation front-runners MTC is in talks with the Orangemund OMDis leadership to scout digital transformative opportunities in the town. 

OMDis is a settlement transformation Agency, tasked with the sole purpose of proactively accelerating the Town Transformation and the economic diversification of Oranjemund, and ensuring the town’s sustainability by 2030 and beyond.

Oranjemund is poised to become the next mecca of growth and development, this is according to OMDis, the Town Transformation Agency, a special-purpose vehicle set to manage the lofty task of transforming Oranjemund into an economically diverse local authority.

This follows long-term plans revelation by the town’s key stakeholders of its well-publicised plans to have a fully-functioning independent town council with agriculture, tourism and technological innovations as the new economic frontiers.

Given such foresight MTC, senior executives recently undertook a business mission to the town to explore possible economic opportunities in the town – whilst also highlighting its plans to support the town’s projected plans.

General manager of Product Solutions at MTC Elton Katangolo, enthused by the strength of MTC’s solid expertise as a digital solutions provider, pointing out that MTC can custom-fit the request of Oranjemund or any other local authority with its technological development architecture.  

“With the life of mine expected to be until 2042, other than Namdeb, the incumbent mine, there are potentially140 businesses – either mainly in direct support of mining or small-scale SMEs, indirectly dependent on the mining industry,” expressed Katangolo, adding that this means that the opportunity to provide connectivity solutions to all sectors is a possibility. 

As a digital enabler, accelerating a digital transformation programme is central to MTC’s plans for Oranjemund, highlighted Katangolo. 

“Digitalising business and operations support systems to improve operational efficiency and customer service is key to any business entity – small, medium or large – and we stand ready to execute our strategy of technologies and disruptive innovations to help Oranjemund achieve its objectives,” says Katangolo.

Besides OMDis, MTC also met with the management of NAMDEB, the Town Council of Oranjemund and other stakeholders in the town.   

2023-04-21  Staff Reporter

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