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Nakaambo introduces ‘Chilli by Chef Robyn’

2021-05-07  Aletta Shikololo

Nakaambo introduces ‘Chilli by Chef Robyn’

 Aletta Shikololo

While many celebrities become brand ambassadors for com-panies, local media personality and influencer Robyn Nakaambo has created her own brand of chilli sauce, and is proudly its own ambassador.

Nakaambo, affectionately known as ‘Ruby the Dime’, is an astute businesswoman, having built her empire over the past few years through multiple business ventures. Her new offering to the world is ‘Chilli by Chef Robyn’.

She stopped by for a chat with VIBEZ! about her dive into the food market. Nakaambo, who is also a professional chef, said creating a chilli sauce has been on her bucket list for some time.

“I have envisioned bottling it for as long as I can remember, and finally my dream had become a reality,” noted Nakaambo.

She said the birth of the chilli sauce was inspired by her dad’s recipe, which has many memories, as it has been a part of their family get-togethers for eons.


Monetising it

“I wanted to take my online cooking to the next level, and monetise it. What better way to have done this than to share a piece of home with you all.” 

According to Nakaambo, the recipe is blended to perfection, and is one of the few father-daughter quality time moments they share while making it.

‘Chilli by Chef Robyn’ is characterised by the hot taste, but definitely does not overpower one’s meal but rather enhances the taste, hence the slogan “Blended to perfection”.

Asked what makes her sauce unique from other sauces in the market, Nakaambo said that ‘Chilli by Chef Robyn’ has no preservatives, and matures over time on its own. “The chillies used are organic, straight from the farm. The other ingredients are also not harmful at all, so any chilli lover can take it. One of the biggest benefits I love about it is the detoxing factor. Besides the organic chilli, the other ingredients include garlic, olive oil, vinegar and whiskey.” 


Defying all odds

Nakaambo continues to show that when it comes to success, age and experience pale in comparison to hard work and genuine passion for what you do.

Just a year ago, the business-savvy lass launched her hair boutique ‘Superlative hair’, and continues to take up space in the media industry. “This year for me is a year to defy all odds, be very audacious, and unapologetically me. 

This is ultimately what motivated me to finally stop talking and just do the work.”  Nakaambo is motivating others to create multiple streams of income, and to create a better way to make money. “I would like to encourage the youth to not only dream, but to work towards making their dreams a reality. 

Neither our past nor our circumstances should define us, and we are the only thing standing between us and our dreams with barriers.”

‘Chilli by Chef Robyn’ is available to purchase on her website, retailing at N$75 for a 125ml bottle and N$130 for a 250ml bottle.

2021-05-07  Aletta Shikololo

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