• February 26th, 2020

Namibia artistic talents impress

WINDHOEK- “The Namibian Masterclass has been an unbelievable experience for myself. I am amazed at the degree of passion and the amount of skill that exists in Namibia. I can clearly see there is a hunger, a thirst to know more in order to expand on individual knowledge and skill set,” says Allison Triegaardt, facilitator of the Multichoice Talent Factory Masterclass. 

The expert creative director with a wealth of TV and film experience in multiple African markets confesses to gaining new knowledge of the Namibian film industry. MultiChoice Namibia recently held a story-telling Masterclass that forms part of the shared value initiatives alongside the MultiChoice Talent Factory (MTF) Academy. She encourages film practitioners to seek opportunities online that speak to advertiser-funded productions and cross border collaborations or partnerships. “There are opportunities if you create them, but if you imagine that there is nothing available, there will be nothing available. If you want to see opportunities, you must create opportunities,” says she.

Hosted in the capital city recently for two days, 22 seasoned film practitioners looking to hone their skills attended the interactive two-day workshop, a first of many to come. As founder and creative director of Johannesburg-based content development and production consultancy, the television production expert, Triegaardt has been involved in some of Africa’s most celebrated TV shows as a story consultant since 2009. In attendance were established film practitioners curious to converse and unpack the art of storytelling. “The two day sessions have been incredible. The amount of insight from both the subject matter expert and my peers was really rewarding. Everyone came to this Masterclass with an inherent willingness that has enriched us as a community of creatives within Namibia.  I look forward to see the results of how we apply ourselves going forward,” says Andrew Robson from Page 10 Productions.

Triegaardt’s multidisciplinary record speaks to the seamless merging of her stellar academic accomplishments with practice, and channeling the combination towards creating high quality television with a formidable contribution to the continent’s creative film and TV industry.

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2019-03-01 11:00:05 | 11 months ago

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