• August 10th, 2020

NDP receives new members at Sikubi rally

KATIMA MULILO – The leader of the National Democratic Party (NDP) Martin Lukato Lukato, says he received 84 new members over the weekend. 

According to Lukato, 56 members joined the party during his rally held on Saturday at Sikubi in Sibbinda constituency in the Zambezi region, and a further 29 joined on Sunday at a campaign rally held at Silumbi in Katima Rural constituency.

Lukato revealed he would not contest the presidential election but only contest for a slice of the pie in the 96-seat National Assembly whose members are elected via their party list through a system of proportional representation, and serve five-year terms. 

“We have submitted a list of young and vibrant candidates to the electoral commission, who will represent the party, its members and all poor and oppressed people in the National Assembly, if voted,” said Lukato.
He further called on the voters to vote for his party “to give us the mandate to represent you in parliament, so that we propose and support laws which are relevant to issues that affect you as individuals and communities”.

Lukato says if NDP is elected to parliament it will advocate, among others, the increase of social security grants, employment creation and the establishment of an independent electoral commission.

Aron Mushaukwa
2019-11-05 08:00:00 | 9 months ago

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