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Okashana generates over N$5 million

2019-07-05  Obrien Simasiku

Okashana generates over N$5 million

OMUTHIYA – Okashana rural development centre in Oshikoto recorded an income generation of over N$5 million for the 2018/19 financial year. The institution, situated about nine kilometres south of Omuthiya, operates in areas of hospitality, community outreach, marketing and appropriate technology. 

About N$1.7 million was collected from hospitality through catering and provision of accommodation facilities, and received 4 391 visitors; while more than N$3.3 million was generated from sales of 265 appropriate technology products. 

Through appropriate technology, the institution manufactures and produces products such as animal drinking troughs, animal feed crushers, hammer mills, mahangu threshers, marula pressers, rocket stoves, brick moulds, VIP toilets and slabs, pit latrine pots and water tank stands, among others. 

“The revenue collected could be far higher, but due to the economic downturn we have experienced a reduction in the number of customers. For instance, in hospitality we could generate over N$2 million as opposed to now,” stressed the head of the centre Naftal Nakashwa.

He also said the procurement system has derailed some of their activities due to the long process in acquiring materials that are needed to keep the work running. With the delays, he said,  money was lost.   
Under the financial year under review, two accommodation units were renovated at a cost of N$608 962. 
A total of 54 students from different institutions of higher learning in the country were offered internship at the centre; 35 students were trained at the department of appropriate technology, six at community outreach and 12 at hospitality.

Further training was extended to rural areas whereby 312 community members across the region’s 11 constituencies were trained in poultry farming –– 36 in piggery production, 37 in horticulture and a further 227 in home economics-jam making.

As part of its community outreach arm, the centre further distributed 13 piglets to seven beneficiaries for community development programmes in the region. 

2019-07-05  Obrien Simasiku

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