• September 28th, 2020

Omuthiya Bikers Club appeal for assistance

OMUTHIYA – The Omuthiya Bikers’ Club is appealing to all Good Samaritans to assist with securing a storage container for their growing number of bikes, saying the garage they are currently using at a private residence can no longer withstand the mounting number.

“We have been struggling to secure a storage for our 16 bikes donated to us by Nedbank through the national cycling federation. We have been using the space at the library here but it will now be turned into a music museum. Our plans have been to get a container, which the town council have allowed that we can have at our erf. Namibia Cycling Federation had plans to get us a container with less success, as cost of transport from Windhoek is very costly. We have approached many locals for assistance but there hasn’t been any success. It has delayed our plans to start accessing the kids and training them daily. I’m pleading for assistance from locals and other entities across Namibia to please help us with a 10m container,” pleaded Salomo Ndeshimona of the Omuthiya Bikers’ Club.

The club has been in existence since 2015, and it started with just 20 kids but the number has grown to more than 50 young riders.
“Our aim and objective are to develop the sport of cycling, teach kids how to ride bikes, the safety of the sport on-road and all other aspects of the sport,” added Ndeshimona. 
– osimasiku@nepc.com.na

Obrien Simasiku
2020-03-24 09:42:33 | 6 months ago

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