• October 1st, 2020

Onyuulaye top performers recognised

Paulina Moses

The Onyuulaye circuit in Oshikoto region recently celebrated outstanding learners and teachers with an award ceremony. Omutse Combined School and Ndjukuma Primary School walked away with most individual awards, proving not only to have some of the best performing learners, but the best teachers in the circuit.

 Out of the 30 learners who were awarded, some received trophies for outstanding results.   In the junior secondary category, Setson Paulus from Ashihaya Primary School received a trophy for his 98% score, while Ihuhwa Aili from Onyuulaye Combined School, Haufiku Aili (86%) and Johannes Mirjam (91%) from Hamunyela Combined School and Nghilunanye Francina (88.8%) from Mwandingi Primary School received trophies in the senior primary school category. Martha Garises from Okankolo Combined School scooped the trophy in the grades 8 – 9 category, following a 79% score. Teachers were also recognised in the best subject teacher category. Out of the 41 awards, Selma Ezimbi from Ashihaya received a trophy for the best overall performed junior primary school teacher. In the best senior primary school category, Awene Simon (Mwandingi Primary School), Kamati Elizabeth (F.K Mbandeka Primary School), Mbulu Martha (Omutse Combined School) walked away with trophies for achieving a 100% pass rate in Oshindonga. Simon Nakatana from Omutse Combined School achieved another 100% pass rate in the Home Ecology subject.

 Imene Elina from Omutse and Lovisa George from Vilho Kamanya also received trophies for outstanding performances. English teacher from Linea Nampala Combined School, Sheya Leonard, defied the odds when 81% of his learners passed the subject.  Grade 12 teacher Tusnelde Vaendwanawa was recognised for achieving a 100% pass rate in Biology higher level. Another teacher, Rachel Shivolo, achieved a 90% pass rate in the same category. It was, however, Petrus Salom from Ndjukuma Primary School with 81.3% pass rate and Frieda Makili (Uutala Combined School) with an 84% pass rate who were crowned the overall best teachers in the circuit. Director of education in Oshikoto, Aletta Eises praised both learners and teachers for excelling despite the difficult circumstances in which they often have to operate. “They do not sit and hope, dream and wish and pray without action.  For you to be successful in life you should be action driven.  You have to go towards your dreams.  Dreams will never march to you.  You have to march towards your dreams,” remarked Eises.

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2020-03-11 08:23:35 | 6 months ago

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