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Rock the Boat to promote local music

2020-09-07  Paheja Siririka

Rock the Boat to promote local music
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The first episode of Rock the Boat, a new Namibian music TV series promoting local artists, will be aired on Ngandu TV via YouTube soon, featuring Rundu’s finest sextet, Mighty Ill Game (M.I.G).

The hip-hop group told Entertainment Now! it feels great to be the first artists to open up for something as amazing as this show. “It’s truly a splendid feeling to be honoured for your hard work in art, and also to carry the weight of creating something awesomely different and not actually mess it up,” mentioned M.I.G. 
The sextet further said they would like to thank their supporters for always following them and catching up on everything, they bring out. “It’s never easy, but we are happy to do it for them.”

M.I.G’s manager Prince Muha said with Covid-19 in play, this serves an opportunity to blend into the new life. “This is also an opportunity to give out what we have been brewing in the studios, an opportunity to do what we are meant to do as artists which is to perform and not sit on projects that we create, and finally an opportunity to give the general population the much-needed entertainment.”

The online TV series which will span about 30 minutes is a subsidiary project of Ngandu Events, the company responsible for the Ngandu Festival. Music and entertainment journalist Michael Kayunde will serve as the producer and director of the show.
“Rock The Boat is a platform for all Namibian artists, fortunately, it’s going to be in seasons, so God willingly there’s ample time in the future to feature as many Namibian artists as possible because it’s their platform, ” expressed Kayunde.

The show will be shot at the verdant Samsitu Campsite, a few kilometres west of Rundu and has an array of young brilliant minds who are good with camera equipment, including Silas Film World and Rundu’s very own Hompa Sitentu from Black Cat Films.
Kayunde also highlighted that anyone can contribute to the show through various means, as some artists are multi-faceted and have plenty of hinted artistic talents other than music.

“It depends in what capacity artists want to be involved with the show, there are artists who are fashion designers or stylists for example, so besides performance, there’s room for creatives to contribute to the show. We just expect a high level of professionalism and work ethic.”
The Executive Producer of the show, Andreas Gustav said it will be a feel-good show, with real music and a live band will be present. “Rock The Boat features live performances by Namibian artists alongside a band – on the mighty Kavango River. Because the show premieres on YouTube, we urge people to subscribe to Ngandu TV,” said Gustav.

2020-09-07  Paheja Siririka

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