• September 30th, 2020

Rundu urges ratepayers to participate in incentive programme

RUNDU – The Rundu town councl has urged residents, busineses and institions to apply to have their interest waived through an incentive programme, which runs from November to June next year.

“Residents have been responding to the call and we want more to come and make use of this incentive programme,” Rundu mayor Isak Kandingu said last week. “What prompted us to this decision was the fact that we have been observing that the outstanding debt of our residents is increasing every year due to the prevailing economic hardship being experienced. Residents and institutions still collectively owe council close to N$200 million.”

According to Kandingu, the outstanding balances attract an interest rate of 1.67 percent per month and 20 percent per annum. And this certainly puts extra payment pressure on residents. 

“Council at its meeting held on 16 October deemed it appropriate to give interest charges incentives to its residents to pay their outstanding debts thus council shall offer an interest charge incentive programme for waiving 100 percent of interest charges on accounts whose capital charges will be paid in full between beginning the period of 1 November to 30 June next year,” he noted. The mayor added the incentive programme shall be applicable to both individual and corporate accounts. 

“The incentive program shall be applicable to all types of municipal services or accounts irrespective of the outstanding balances or period involved. 

“All individuals and corporate entities with outstanding debts on their accounts may participate in the incentive program provided they apply on approved application forms available at council offices and submit such forms to council,” he said.

John Muyamba
2019-11-25 06:46:16 | 10 months ago

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