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Stop burning bridges

2021-02-17  Olavi Popyeinawa

Stop burning bridges

It is easy to forget where one comes from when the present looks glamorous and the future bright, after all, why would you want to go back to a place you worked so hard to come from. It’s even easier to forget who helped you when you were starting, but it will never be right to disown or bite the hand that fed you or still feeds you.

It is never wise to burn bridges once you cross them, because sometimes no matter how far you go there will always be a time when you will have to go make a turn back home or even go revisit your past. In many cases some of the most honest people you will encounter are from your past, people who know you well.

We should also remember that as we all make progress and work to move ahead, we are not the only ones trying, we might be moving at different speeds, but we are all moving regardless. The very same people, who you didn’t need in a certain capacity, could very well become the person who decides an important event in your life.

The road to anything worthwhile is long and tedious, it will be much more enjoyable to endure any hardships with people by your side than to spend a lot of time-fighting people who sometimes simply don’t care about what is happening with you.

That is not to say you should roll with everyone around you, its true some people are dead weight and are way too expensive and destructive to carry around. In that case, you should offload them and carry on without them, just don’t burn that bridge unnecessarily, unless you are sure and are able to deal with whatever consequences may arise. 

Also, if there is no other way and push comes to shove, then burn a bridge, burn it to the ground, especially when the benefits far outweigh the cost. Sometimes there is just no use in preserving any sort of relationship or goodwill, drastic times call for drastic actions.
Burning bridges goes for everyone, not just for the youth, it goes for all those that have relationships of some sort going on, at some point, there are going to be some disagreements and if they can’t be resolved amicably, please try your best not to burn that bridge, you will thank yourself sooner than you think. 

 • Olavi Popyeinawa
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2021-02-17  Olavi Popyeinawa

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