• July 14th, 2020

Top trending - Don’t mess with the entertainment budget

The top trending clip on our radar is a witty yet sarcastic, hilarious and quite humorous piece from Sinengela Owen (26), a teacher by profession in the Zambezi Region who was against the idea of Namibians not celebrating independence. 

 The clip under review was uploaded on his official Facebook account and has raked in close to 500 reactions, about 480 shares and more than 24 000 views at the time of going for printing.
 “What inspired me to do that video is I look at myself as a blessed and responsible citizen of this country and want to urge the youth to always be thankful for the little things they have. I also wanted to encourage the youth to acknowledge the fact that they can be the solution to some problems the country is facing,” Owen told Entertainment now!

 For those complaining about the status of the hospital, Owen says there is already a budget for it under infrastructure. “Independence’s Day budget cannot be tampered with,” re-iterated Owen.
 “When you were complaining about not receiving enough meat at the previous celebration, were the same hospitals you are complaining about now not in the same situations? Were there no classrooms without chairs? Because I fail to understand, there were classrooms without chairs last year and the year before and people started complaining about hunger at the Independence Day celebration,” he recalled.

 He was puzzled why there was a sudden change in celebrating. “Now I am wondering this year if the number of schools multiplied and the chairs decreased or divided themselves by four, I don’t know”
He said he was ready to chop the N$1 million. “When I get paid, I have my budget for alcohol, and when my relative gets sick I cannot temper with my alcohol budget- Entertainment budget is tight, that one should never be disturbed, ” said Owen is a joking way.

 “30 years of freedom of speech where you can stand up and insult your leaders and call them names, make captions and cartoons about them without anybody arresting you. In other countries people disappear, you speak rubbish in other countries- you won’t even have a body viewing but here we dare to do such things,” said Owen.

 He wants Namibians to have a sense of pride and embrace the country’s Independence Day cause it came with a cost of blood thus it should be taken for granted.


Paheja Siririka
2020-03-13 11:30:25 | 4 months ago

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