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Uncommon sense - The awakening is and will be televised

2023-03-31  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - The awakening is and will be televised

If there is one thing the last three years should really be remembered for was something more phenomenal than what was propagandised. This could simply be because it would be hard to see, even though it has been clearly written between the lines.  It would require an inquisitive and sceptical disposition or a well-informed student of true history to see an unravelling of outdated tricks being played on the masses.  Yet, on the other side of it, a beautiful phenomenon appears on the horizon. 

Of course, after all the events that happened – which are clearly not the subject of this writing – the world is no longer the same, not to mention the fact that even speculated events that were labelled as only theories actually came to pass. This has to some extent generated a new catapult outlook and perspective on the way information is received.  Because everything intended to subvert the awakening had done completely the opposite. For those who were banned and censored, their message amassed more attention than before the fact and instilled courage in those who may have had little left or none.

A few people here and there have been talking about the Age of the Aquarius. This is said to be the age of freedom of access to information.  It is said that in this age, which is a natural phenomenon, the gatekeepers of the information – who have had authority over the flow of information and its filtration for centuries – are to finally lose their grasp. This has been illustrative in a form of desperate behaviours even from some of the three-letter global entities to maintain the status quo or gain absolute control over the world nation’s livelihoods. We have also seen historically renowned news networks losing their stronghold and their ratings greatly dwindling. Many had no better option but to become adaptable, even if it meant propagating narratives that they may not originally agree with just to keep their head above the water. In the same vein, this became an opportunity for the sharks with immeasurable resources to take advantage to propagate their wicked aspirations. For, nowadays, every crisis creates an opportunity for those with an insatiable greed for profits to capitalise on, even if it may be at the expense of human life. However, on the other hand, it has also created an opportunity for a free flow of information and discourses that foster critical thinking across the globe.

Of course, the awakening is being televised as we speak but just not on the favourite old television network.  It is televised in the daily livelihood and interaction of people with one another. It is shared on WhatsApp groups and TikTok videos. The Age of the Aquarius has come to awaken the dormant human spirit.  It has come to free it from the robotic way of living, from wishful to freethinkers. Obviously, this will shake the walls of Babylon and its well-concerted efforts and systems, hence a rebuttal reaction is highly anticipated from those who have so long selfishly profited from its existence.  

Of course, the awakening is not an event but a gradual process of phases, in which the opposing forces may still gain the advantage of unsuspecting victims.  It is a spiritual war at a greater scale and with every war, there shall be casualties. However, it is already in motion and the hope is that those who may not acknowledge it and are still in their old ways of the psyche may be spared, by the grace of the mystical forces.


Uncommon Sense is published in the New Era with contributions from Karlos Naimhwaka.

2023-03-31  Karlos Naimwhaka

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