Logistics and transport workshop brings together top logistics experts

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The 7th Annual Logistics and Transport Workshop will take place from September 29 to October 2 in Walvis Bay. The workshop is being organised by the Namibian-German Centre for Logistics (NGCL), in conjunction with some of the most important logistics and transportation players in Namibia.

The theme: “Logistics Success Stories and Best Practises”, will focus on sharing expertise and insights in transport and supply chain management. To make it a comprehensive event on logistics, the hub development and the port will also be discussed from a best practice perspective. The collaboration between some of the most important players in the Namibian logistics field will ensure that a balanced educational workshop will take place.
Some of the partners involved in the ‘Best Practices’ workshop are Transworld Cargo, Southern Business School Namibia, National Road Safety Council (NRSC), Walvis Bay Corridor Group, Namibia Logistics Association, Namport and Trans Kalahari Corridor Secretariat. This cross-section from the logistics and transportation field will share their best practices, their vision and expertise during the four-day workshop, covering a wide spectrum of logistics topics.

The speakers represent industry, government and academia and will cover a variety of subjects ranging from barriers to logistics, trade requirements, optimization, as well as logistics education in Namibia and industry panel discussions. Through presenting case studies and research on these subjects the workshop will address the core issue of logistics hubs and their potential for the development of Namibia and her trade.

Logistics are a vital aspect of the National Development Plan (NDP 4) of Namibia. It will be a highly interactive workshop, filled with lively debates and questions, where all parties involved can learn something and lift logistics and transportation to a higher level in Namibia. While each of the organisations and speakers bring with them different opinions on a number of subjects, all of the speakers and participants are fully motivated in promoting and developing Namibian logistics, as it offers opportunities for Namibia’s development.

“We are confident that this informative, interactive industry-wide event will make a positive contribution to the future of logistics in Namibia by facilitating collaboration between government, industry and academia. The many different transport and logistics stakeholders participating and hosting this event are testimony to the desire to further develop logistics in Namibia,” Eugene Tendekule of NRSC said.

“Logistics is essential and safe transportation should be part of all our best practices when it comes to logistics and transportation – that is why this workshop is so essential,” said Logan Fransman, acting director of the NGCL.