MSR registers members to improve their grades

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Windhoek-In an effort to curb the increasing number of school drop-outs and high unemployment rate, Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) has successfully registered ten grade 10 and 12 learners to improve their current grades. MSR was established to connect the unemployed with job and training opportunities.

The latest registration was announced by MSR’s Training and Public Relations Coordinator, Hilya Kambanda, at the organisation’s first community meeting held in Windhoek last week. Registered in 2007 with the Ministry of Health and Social Services as a welfare organisation, MSR currently has 1,272 registered members. One of its mandates is to assist its members by enrolling them at training institutions and paying their fees.

The organisation has two branches; one in Windhoek and another in Swakopmund. Certificates and membership cards are awarded to members who complete training in Life Skills and Money Management workshops. MSR also facilitates the connection between potential employers through its job placements’ initiative.

Last year, a total number of 98 members found part-time job placements and 26 were successfully placed in full-time jobs. Also during 2017, 78 of MRS members were successfully trained in various skills such as plumbing, painting, bricklaying, forklift driving, home management, fashion design, automotive mechanic, welding, first aid, entrepreneurship, Basic English and computer skills. This number includes members who were registered to improve on their grade 10 and 12 qualifications.

“Bank Windhoek is one of our main benefactors who have contributed to this success. The aim of MSR is to empower unemployed people and provide them with training that connects them with job opportunities. We are on the right path but a lot still needs to be done,” said Kambanda.

Twenty-nine-year-old Paulina Simon, said, “When I first came here, MSR registered me as a job seeker and also paid for my home management training.

“This has improved my wellbeing.” Newly registered member Rosalia Amuntenya, one of the successful candidates who wants to improve her grade 12 points this year, thanked MSR for the opportunity granted to her. Oscar Endjala said that he is a proud MSR member. He was part of the group recommended by MSR to assist Bank Windhoek on its Cancer Apple Project and the Bank Windhoek BizzKidz Competition last year.

“Creating employment opportunities for unemployed Namibians is one of Bank Windhoek’s social investment focus areas. Bank Windhoek is very proud to be associated with MSR,” said Bank Windhoek’s Head of CSI, Sponsorships and Events, Sanet de Waal.

Anyone looking for gardeners, plumbers, house cleaners or people with any other related skills, can contact MSR directly or visit their website. The next community meeting is scheduled to take place on February 16 at MSR’s Head Office in Windhoek.