• July 13th, 2020

Artists invited to submit creative artworks

WINDHOEK - In celebration of the 29th Namibian independence anniversary, the National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) is inviting all creative artists to submit their artworks to be exhibited at the gallery.

The exhibition is an opportunity of creativity of all kinds across the Namibian nation.  Artists are encouraged to create works inspired by or that use materials from their surrounding environment.

According to NAGN officials, the exhibition encourages artists to submit works that are truly Namibian.
“In light of our 29th independence celebration, what better way to create works that reflect unique art and craft products of our Namibia?” said Annapaula Vakamuena, the PRO of NAGN.

She says the project aims to bring creativity from various backgrounds, from the more “traditional” forms to the more “contemporary”.

The exhibition is also aims to provide a platform for Namibian artists, from all disciplines, to come into contact with each other through their art.

“It furthermore aims to create a space in which non-artists (through the collaborative process) can gain exposure to the process of art making as well as feel some ownership over the products,” she said.

She adds that artists are encouraged to hand in work from any artistic medium/discipline. Artists can submit a total of three works that are subject to a selection by a panel. If an installation is submitted, images of the work installed should be submitted with the artwork along with instructions for installation.

NAGN will be collecting work from the regions but artists that are able to submit in Windhoek are encouraged to do so.
Artists outside Windhoek need to make sure their work is fit to travel as NAGN will not be liable for any damage that could occur during transportation.

Vakamuena adds that all artworks should be submitted framed, ready to hang and install. 
“In the case of a two-dimensional work submitted unframed, the NAGN will frame it in a rental frame, if available,” she 


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