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Bureaucracy derails procurement at Omuthiya

2019-09-26  Obrien Simasiku

Bureaucracy derails procurement at Omuthiya

OMUTHIYA -The acting health director for Oshikoto Region Dr Helen Nkandi-Shiimi says the garbage situation at Omuthiya hospital is unfortunate.

She noted that things have gone wrong because of the lengthy procurement processes in purchasing the equipment and materials.

The official however made the assurance that by next week, all materials and equipment will be delivered, as the procurement, process has already been finalised. 

Nkandi-Shiimi was responding to a news article by New Era published yesterday, indicating how the hospital is covered in dirt, with blood-stained utensils, gloves, aprons, masks and other used materials lying all over the place. 

This is because the hospital has been without some basic needs such as rubbish bags, toilet papers and among other notable things. 

“This is not only an Omuthiya issue, but national. We are all affected by the procurement system from bottom to top. I can however say that, as of last week when I left the region, things were approved and will be delivered soon,” stressed Nkandi-Shiimi.

She made the remarks while attending a ministerial meeting in Swakop to discuss issues affecting the health sector and find solutions.

“I am not directly involved in the supervision of the hospitals as each district have a manager or superintendents as well as ward supervisors who should see to it that everything is in order. I am not directly responsible for the day-to-day running,” she added.

She expressed disappointment in the staff members, saying some waste lying around was not meant to be discarded in the bins, but was supposed to be incinerated. 

“The incinerator is functioning properly, why are they not putting such medical waste there?” she questioned, adding that some are trying to tarnish government’s image as doing nothing while it is not the case,” she stated.

On the part of the hospital operating without a senior and experienced doctor, Nkandi-Shiimi who is a Chief Medical Officer said they managed to renew the contract of Dr Okore that expired a few months ago. As it stands, the hospital had no senior doctor. “I am happy to say that, Dr Okore will be starting and will act in the position of Dr Dilubenzi who resigned. I wrote a motivation letter to my senior explaining why we needed him back because we couldn’t allow a hospital to be run by junior doctors,” she explained.

2019-09-26  Obrien Simasiku

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