• July 24th, 2019
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Cornelius Goreseb wins World Rhino Day debate

Clemans Miyanicwe

KHORIXAS - The Cornelius Goreseb High School (CGHS) debate team has won N$1000 cash prize for the World Rhino Day celebration schools debate competition held last Friday at the Herbert Conradie Stadium here. 

“This house supports the burning of confiscated rhino horns by the Namibian government” was the motion which the learners discussed. The CGHS team consisted of Mercy Mukuaruuze, Amtana Tjaurombande, Eliaser Haidongo, and Alpha Hoaes.  The team was led by Tjaurombande opposed the burning of the rhino horns saying burning such will make them valueless and disrespectful to those protecting rhinos. The team said that it was better to address poaching and called for stricter sentences. They also raised the issue of air pollution in case of burning. It advised the use of the Ministry of Defence personal in anti-poaching patrols. 

The Welwitchia Junior Secondary School (WJSS) debate team consisting of Kennedy Victor, Lee-Ann Murorua, Bernancy Bachman and Rodrick #Naweseb argued for the burning of confiscated rhino horns. The team led by Victor saw no difference between horns acquired legally or illegally with all eventually reaching black market. Thus burning horns from poached rhinos was a better option. The WJSS debating team also raised the cost of safeguarding horns given the need for high security. They also questioned were such funds would come from.

Both teams received wristbands and badges. The debate was organised to raise awareness and also to foster critical thinking amongst pupils when it comes to rhino poaching, according to Brisetha Hendricks, organiser and adjudicator of the debating competition. 

New Era Reporter
2018-09-26 10:16:09 9 months ago

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