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Dion the qualified director

2020-09-04  Strauss Lunyangwe

Dion the qualified director
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One-third of the famous trio PDK, Dion Auala, developed a passionate interest in filming when shooting Captain Kalola with then stablemate Tate Buti in 2014. After that, he was sold on his next career path of calling the shots on movie and music video sets.
Entertainment Now! recently noticed how hands-on he was on the set of the group’s music video ‘Saka’, and caught up with him about his love of directing. ‘’I fell in love with the craft when I worked on the Captain Kalola movie back in 2014 and directing at the same time. That’s when I decided to go study to become a qualified director,’’ he explained.

Dion graduated in sound engineering from the College of the Arts (COTA) and further went on to pursue directing at Unam for three years.
His role entails controlling a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects and he visualizes the script while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfilment of that vision. Another important element of wearing the director’s hat is for him to choose cast members, production design and all the creative aspects of filmmaking.
With a promising career on the horizon, he has already made great strides in the film production. ‘’Professionally, I would say I have worked on four projects so far. The ministry of health and social welfare educational film. I directed Saka by PDK and Hello by Mr Glo, and I am currently the creative director of the MTC knockout project,’’ he pointed out.

Dion started a production house called Auala Films, which is a family name and hopes it will be destined for greatness. ‘’I want to see the film industry booming, just like the music industry did years ago, which in my own opinion we are yet to find a formula for. I am here to contribute and got four films in the pipeline. I am not only focusing on films though, but I am also willing to work on corporate projects and in the marketing world when it comes to creative concepts,’’ he ended.


2020-09-04  Strauss Lunyangwe

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