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Dordabis dumpsite causes a stink

2021-08-11  Loide Jason

Dordabis dumpsite causes a stink
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Residents of Dordabis have asked that a garbage dumpsite, located in the middle of the settlement, be moved because it is hazardous to their health.

Some residents who spoke to New Era last Friday say the dumpsite daily attracts children and the poor who scavenge for expired food at the landfill.

“We do not understand why the office of the regional councillor does not want to look at the plight of the people living close to the dumpsite at Dordabis. Our children’s health is at stake,” said community leader Steven !Auxchab.

He said children have now resorted to playing at the dumpsite because it is close to the settlement’s houses.

“Who knows what children consume on daily basis there? They eat from there and play there every day. It is not safe at all. It is also filthy,” he stated.

!Auxchab suggested to government that the dumpsite must be relocated from the settlement so that people will be settled, as there is a lack of land in the settlement.

Another community leader, who spoke to New Era, Roswitha Arie, said animals are feeding on the plastic at the dumpsite.

“The regional authority must identify the appropriate place to make a dumpsite and relocate this one as soon as possible. Because this one is at the centre of the community. The community members try to clean but just after few days it is back to square one,” she explained.

She also indicated the dumpsite is next to the community garden that is managed by young people. 

“There is no land, the councillor needs to intervene. With this dumpsite here, you are not able to allocate erven at an open space next to it. It is not healthy. The open space is also not serviced. People want to occupy the open space next to the dumpsite, but it is not practically possible,” she said.

Approached for comment, Windhoek Rural constituency councillor Piet Adams explained they were in consultation with stakeholders to resolve land issues at Dordabis and pleaded with residents to be patient.

“We were in consultation to resolve the matter, however, the situation is hindered by the Covid-19 situation that does not allow people to organise community meetings. We are in the process. We know there is a challenge of land, as only 10 hectares are allocated to government, the rest is privately owned,” he explained.


2021-08-11  Loide Jason

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