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Farmers join forces against challenges

2021-11-23  Charles Tjatindi

Farmers join forces against challenges
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A group of farmers in both commercial and communal circles have joined hands to assist each other in farming challenges.

The group, calling itself ‘Together for Each One’, was created earlier this year, and has a membership of 25 farmers who are committed to lifting each other up in agriculture-related activities.

Muhumise Kazohua, the group’s spokesperson, told AgriToday that the group visits the farming operation of each member to advise members on how to deal with farming obstacles they may encounter.

As the group has diverse farmers from various regions and backgrounds, it relies on such skills’ diversity to impact each others’ farming journeys.

“We are not experts in farming, but each one of us have a story to tell, based on the things we have picked up in the sector over the years. It is such experiences that we share with each other in the hope that the member concerned would pick up a thing or two to apply to his situation,” he added.

As farmers have unique methods of farming peculiar to their set-ups, Kazohua said the group does not intend to change that but simply offers advice which the farmers can use as a ladder to different approaches they may want to focus on.

“We do not want all of us to farm in the same style and fashion, but rather to pick each other up where some members may be falling behind, or perhaps losing focus. Our job is to simply re-energise them and put them back in contact with their goals and visions,” he noted.

The group’s first engagement was at Okarui, where different fruit trees were donated to one of its members who intends to set up a homestead in the area.

The members plan to visit two more farmers in the Epukiro and Aminuis constituencies before the end of the year on similar missions. 

2021-11-23  Charles Tjatindi

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