• September 21st, 2020

Featuring established artists is a big deal - Kwaito star

 Paheja Siririka

Kwaito artist Jittah, real name Daniel Ndara, has released a kwaito jam, titled Unamono. The track features Rockaz’s Exit to show people who doubted his ability to feature big names in the Namibian industry.
“The concept of the song came from the doubt that people had about me featuring big artists. They didn’t believe I would be able to work with Exit one day and that’s how I proved them wrong and made it happen; that’s why the title is ‘Unamono’, meaning ‘you see now’,” he said.
 The song is a fusion of Kwaito and Amapiano, written to instil hope and faith in people when doubt surfaces – that if they put their minds to anything, it can be achieved with hard work and dedication.
“It is, clearly, to show people that you can be whatever you set your mind to and also show many other artists who are talented but are finding it difficult in the industry to not give up – and to be themselves and perfect their art. They should keep pushing. I’m doing it so that they can believe and have faith.”
The 3:14 video was shot in Windhoek and Oshakati by Sodo from Basement Films. “It’s because kwaito and Amapiano represent Kasie lifestyle so we thought that would [be] best – and indeed, it worked.”
Although he is more of an Amapiano, House, Afro-pop and Afrobeat artist, he is versatile. His upcoming album features Patrick of PDK’s), Dj Kboz, Omzoo, Sunny Boy, Vdkei Crazy Boy, Jay-B the Producer and many more just to mention a few. 
He grew up in a musical family, and he loved singing and dancing. His inspiration was especially derived from Tkzee, Mdu, Brown Dash and Zola.
Jittah used to be a backup singer for his big brother T-kop7, performing at big shows like the Cell One roadshow and Tafel Lager show with Gazza and Brown Dash in 2006. Since then, he fell in love with music and never looked back. 
In 2017, he dropped his first album, titled ‘The Dedication’, working with artists like Acaz from South Africa; Cheasta Beatz, who also produced most of the tracks on the album; Jay Benefith; Zhondie, and Thommy. 
Jittah has for the past years dedicated himself to working hard on his brand and label, Run Jozi Entertainment, and he has worked with phenomenal artists local artists.
 - psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-08-28 12:39:45 | 23 days ago

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