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Girlfriend slayer found dead

2019-02-12  Nuusita Ashipala

Girlfriend slayer found dead

ONGWEDIVA - A 20-year-old suspect, who allegedly killed his girlfriend on Friday, was last Sunday found dead with a bullet to his throat following a pursuit by the police.

The suspect, Simon Veans Shimano Eelu’s body was found on Sunday at Uuhongo village in the same constituency.
Eelu is alleged to have shot himself with a .303 rifle in the neck.
The bullet is alleged to have passed the neck right through to the head.

His girlfriend, 20-year-old Ndapandula Magano Kalumbu died of a single gunshot to the left  side of her chest end of last week at Oshipinga village in Onesi constituency in Omusati Region. Kalumbu was shot with a 2AG shotgun.
Regional Crime Investigation Coordinator in the Omusati Region, Deputy Commissioner Moses Simaho, said Eelu was being sought for a charge of murder and attempted murder for firing shots at the people who were at the crime scene, while the police was removing his girlfriend’s body from the scene.

Two people were slightly injured in the process and were treated at the hospital at Onesi.
The police recovered the two guns used in both incidents.
In addition to the guns, the police also found three empty cartridges, seven live ammunition and an empty cartridge stuck on the .303 rifle next to Eelu’s body.

A further 10 live ammunition were recovered from the shotgun.
Meanwhile, the police will also probe a case of Contravening of the Fire Arm and Ammunition Act against the owner of the firearm used in both instances.

The firearms allegedly belong to Eelu’s uncle.
Simeho related that after fleeing the scene on Friday, Eelu is alleged to have escaped into the bush.
A search was launched to no avail on Friday.

On Saturday the police allegedly summoned a helicopter to help in the search, however, that too did not yield any results.
His body was thus recovered on Sunday morning.


2019-02-12  Nuusita Ashipala

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