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/Goagoses thrilled with opportunity to serve Africa

2021-07-09  Otniel Hembapu

/Goagoses thrilled with opportunity to serve Africa
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Netball Namibia (NN) vice president Rebekka /Goagoses says her election as Africa Netball’s new vice president for development is not only to the greater benefit of the country, but it is an opportunity to consolidate and strengthen the continent’s development efforts as a whole.

/Goagoses was on Wednesday evening elected in her new role during the continent’s netball governing body’s annual general meeting, which was held virtually.

Top of her priority list, she said, is to ensure Africa’s development efforts are synced and speaking to the same vision.

“I’m really excited and happy with my election but I’m also getting goosebumps in terms of the daunting task that lies ahead,” /Goagoses told New Era Sport. 

“My new role is all about development for African netball; the game must be played across the continent; our umpires and coaches must be well developed and well equipped. Opportunities must also be created for our players to rub shoulders with the best of the best in the world.” 

“With realistic and achievable strategic plans in place, I believe it can be a reality. Of course, with everything or any dream comes costing and finances, which is a challenge in netball all over, but I believe it is doable with the right approaches.”

She believes that it is time they start looking at the ‘adoption’ process, where well-developed regions or countries adopt a country or region that has challenges and needs assistance in terms of expertise and finances. 

“Such interventions will help the continent move closer together and tackle our problems as one.”

/Goagoses added that her election to the continental mother body is now not only a new day for Namibian netball but also an opportunity for her and the country to help add value and accelerate Africa’s development agenda for netball and the continent’s girl child through the game.

Also from the southern region, Zambia Netball Federation (ZNF) president Martha Sichone was elected as the new treasurer for African Netball during the same occasion. 


2021-07-09  Otniel Hembapu

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