• May 30th, 2020

Goagoses trial to resume next week

WINDHOEK - The trial of a Windhoek resident who is accused of fatally stabbing her live-in boyfriend 17 times to death in 2009 is set to resume next week.

The accused, Laimi Goagoses, 35, is on trial on a charge of murder for the death of her boyfriend, Horst Gunther Radecke, 57. 

Radecke was killed on December 23, 2009 on Tempel Street, Dolam in Katutura. The trial which is partly heard was on hold in Windhoek Regional Court waiting for the Supreme Court to reach its decision on an appeal to have the presiding magistrate recuse himself.

However, the Supreme Court ordered that Magistrate Cosmos Endjala should continue presiding over the trial. The trial is set to resume on June 21 before Magistrate Endjala.

It was revealed during the trial that the couple were apparently out all day drinking and got home in the evening. Upon their arrival at home, an argument broke which led to a fight that turned violent as the deceased allegedly started assaulting Goagoses. 

Goagoses apparently ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, storming back to the bedroom where she left the deceased with intent to stab him.

Goagoses allegedly took five kitchen knives and inflicted 17 stab wounds on her boyfriend. The multiple stab wounds caused Radecke to bleed to death.   According to the police, upon their arrival at the scene on the day of the incident, they found Goagoses on top of Radecke shacking him.
It is alleged that no one was at home at the time.

According to the police, four bloodstained knives were found at the scene. One lay in a bedroom, where the presence of blood indicated that the stabbing could have started there, while a knife of which the blade had been bent, another knife of which the blade had been broken off, and a fourth knife, still intact, were found outside the house at the scene where Radecke was lying dead next to a car.
Goagoses was found with the fifth knife stuffed in her trouser pocket.

During the bail application, Goagoses who abandoned her application to undergo psychiatric evaluation testified that she could not recall the events that led to her boyfriend’s death. 
However, she recalls that she was shaking Radecke to ensure that he was still breathing.

Maria Amakali
2019-06-14 09:22:59 | 11 months ago

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