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Govt makes nearly N$6m from jumbo auction

2021-08-12  Albertina Nakale

Govt makes nearly N$6m from jumbo auction

The environment ministry stands to generate close to N$6 million after successfully selling off 57 out of 170 elephants that were put on tender in December 2020.

The ministry announced the sale of these jumbos will raise N$5.9 million and attracted five bidders, of which only three were successful. 

The ministry could not provide the names of the three bidders, citing confidentiality clauses in the signed contracts.  The funds generated through this auction will be transferred into the Game Product Trust Fund to be reinvested in the conservation of Namibia’s wild animals, including community conservancies. 

The funds will be used particularly for human-wildlife conflict management and wildlife management.

The ministry spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, yesterday said 15 elephants will be captured and remain in the country, while 42 will be exported. 

“With this auction, we intend to reduce elephant numbers in specified areas to minimise human-elephant conflicts,  which has become persistent, leading to extensive damages to properties, life losses and a disruption of people’s livelihoods,” Muyunda noted. 

According to him, the capturing will start this month to be conducted by Namibian Registered Game Capture Operators and supervised by the ministry’s officials.

The elephants that were put on auction include 30 from Omatjete area, 50 from Kamanjab commercial farming area, 60 from Grootfontein Kavango cattle ranch area and 30 from the Grootfontein-Tsumkwe area.

Also, the allocation of where the elephants will be captured from is still to be done.  

Therefore, he said the ministry would consider the social behavior of elephants and how severe the situation is in the listed areas to inform the allocation. 




2021-08-12  Albertina Nakale

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