• October 16th, 2019

Hilaria Mukapuli re-elected Luderitz mayor

LÜDERITZ – Lüderitz mayor Hilaria Mukapuli and deputy mayor Brigitte Frederick both retained their positions during a mid-term election at the southern coast harbour town.

In fact all local authority councillors at the Lüderitz Town Council retained their positions. Magistrate Adelinu Hailonga announced the re-appointment of Mukapuli and Fredrick during the swearing in of council members at town council chambers yesterday.

Mukapuli was first elected as mayor in 2015, succeeding Suzan Ndjaleka. Councillor Calvin Mwiya of Swapo was re-elected as chairperson of the management committee, while Shipola Shihepo and Johannes Abraham, both of Swapo, were re-elected as members of the management committee. Willem Gumede of Swapo and Elizabeth Wilskut of DTA were re-elected as ordinary members of council.

Mukapuli promised to continuously work hard together with the other councillors. She would ensure the developmental agenda of the town is executed to the letter, she said.

She urged Lüderitz residents to embrace the developments or achievements that the council has attained over the years despite the budget cuts which have affected the implementation of certain projects. She said the 2018/2019 budget for Lüderitz Town Council for capital projects was cut from eight million to one million, which Mukapuli indicated is very sad news. Mukapuli emphasised that it is therefore worth mentioning that they need to strategise from now onwards by identifying capital projects that need to be prioritised, so that when the new financial year begins, they implement. 

“Regardless of the day-to-day challenges, we must, as per the local authority Act, continue to create a conducive environment for residents, visitors and potential investors so that we can collectively develop our town,” said Mukapuli.

Tuulikki Abraham
2018-11-27 09:50:21 10 months ago

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