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I will not embolden violence - Itula

2019-11-19  Loide Jason

I will not embolden violence - Itula

ROSH PINAH – Independent presidential candidate Dr Panduleni Itula has urged his loyalists not to get involved in violence, saying he will never encourage violence because he wants peace to prevail in the country.

Itula was speaking at the star rally at Rosh Pinah in the //Kharas region on Sunday that was attended mostly by mine workers.

It was turned into a dialogue where some of his supporters asked him questions after he greeted them.
Itula made it categorically clear that if his followers are promoting and encouraging violence he will withdraw from the campaign because all he wants is peace and stability.

“I want to save Namibia. One thing that I want to be clear about is that I will never encourage violence. Never ever would I do that. If you people are encouraging violence I will withdraw,” he emphasised when fielding questions from his followers, the majority of whom were youth.

He said if elected into power, his mooted 12-member cabinet would comprise of 40 percent youth.
Itula also wants key decision-making by government to involve the input of 40 percent by the youth.
“I will make sure that there will be trade union, worker and business representatives in cabinet so that the workers will be able to tell us the challenges and problems they face so that we will be able to solve them,” said Itula.

He said that the reason why the youth were the worst hit by unemployment, characterised by high levels of inequality, is because no specific tools and capacity have been cultivated to address it.

“My mission is to redistribute our wealth more equitably and insert a new dynamism in our society, to involve us all in designing this new future by increasing the participation of us all in the political process to provide communities with the means of contributing to decisions affecting their destiny,” assured Itula.

2019-11-19  Loide Jason

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