• July 14th, 2020

Interior decor and design - Bedroom tips

Last week, we shared some sitting room tips and I hope you enjoyed reading. This week, we will be looking at bedroom tips as promised. 

I am a huge believer that clutter stresses us out. Back in the days, my sister would always say to me that the reason why I’m not doing so well in school is because my bedroom was untidy. Every time I get that from her, I make it my mission to declutter my room and I feel brand new again. It worked! For our bedroom this week: 

1. Paint: 
Choosing a bedroom colour can be tricky and one needs to understand the sciences of colour. For example, colours like yellow, red and orange make space appear smaller because the wall is pulled towards the eye, whereas colours like green, blue and purple make the room appear larger. Remember, this is your go-to room in the house so, make sure you choose a soothing paint colour that is more likely to promote a peaceful atmosphere. 

2. Mirrors
Every bedroom needs to have at least one full-length mirror. Hanging a mirror in your room makes it appear large and adds more light to it. If your primary use of a mirror is for beautification, the other two advantages come as a bonus. 

3. Lighting
Imagine life with no sun, moon and stars – unproductive and there would be no life, right? Yes, that’s how deadly a bedroom will appear without light. All thanks to Thomas Edison and team for the ingestion of light bulbs. A good investment of bedroom lights would be flat coming lamps, pendant lights and bedside lights. Do not limit yourself from getting art decor lighting to add a touch of elegance. They say sometimes less is more but going bold with some oversized chandelier plays up the feel. DB electrical in Ausspannplatz has more of these in store for you. 

4. Wardrobes 
If you do not have a separate/walk-in closet, it is important to furnish your room with wardrobes as they keep things organised and out of sight. This enhances the overall look of the entire room. 

5. Ceilings
Life is too short for boring ceilings. When designing your ceilings, forget about the obvious choices of plain boards in white (joking). Design is submissive and remember to always leave it up to your clients to decide for themselves but a given ceiling, tray ceiling, covered ceiling and Groin Vault ceiling of many ceilings can greatly enhance the entire look of your bedroom. The Kredence team will gladly design and create magic for your ceilings. 

6. Curtains 
Bedrooms require privacy and you sure want to cover those windows to lock out the invited world. It is so important to consider pattern and material to block out the extremities of weather. Some people prefer silver over gold; likewise, some prefer blinds over curtains. If you are a curtain lover, they come in different materials, steel and wood – and some shops can also have it tailor-designed for you according to your preferences. I do not recommend blinds but they work perfectly as curtains do. Avoid dark coloured curtains which tend to crowd a room, making it appear smaller. @Home store is your go-to for quality curtains. 

Catch me next time; I will be sharing kitchen tips. 

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