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Jandjie, the Namibian comedy icon in action tonight

2023-04-06  Staff Reporter

Jandjie, the Namibian comedy icon in action tonight

Ujandja ‘Jandjie’ Zatjirua’s upcoming show, ‘Memetics’, at the Wolfshack tonight promises to be one of the most entertaining comedy shows of the year. 

The show will feature Jandjie’s trademark humour, as well as some new material he has been working on.

The theme of the show is ‘memetics’, which is the study of how ideas and cultural phenomena spread through society. The show promises to be a thought-provoking and hilarious commentary on the digital age.

Tickets can be obtained from Jandjie directly, at the Wolfshack, or by scanning the QR code.

Namibia’s comedy scene has been growing over the years -

Thanks to comedians like Jandjie.

Born and raised in Windhoek, Jandjie developed a love for comedy at a young age and began performing at local comedy clubs. He quickly gained a reputation for his sharp wit and ability to improvise on stage.

 His popularity grew rapidly.

In 2010, he and fellow comedians founded the Windhoek

Comedy Club, which aimed to bring together comedians and create a platform for them to showcase their talent. 

The Windhoek Comedy Club has since become a hub for Namibian comedians, providing them with opportunities to

perform and develop their craft.

Jandjie has been making waves in the comedy industry for years and has gained a massive following due to his unique style of humour. 

His ability to make people laugh has earned him numerous accolades, and he performed in some of the biggest comedy shows in Namibia.

Amongst them was also the stand-up show ‘Tassies en twee los gwaais’ during October 2017, featuring fellow comedian Barry.

Jandjie’s performances are known for their unique style, which blends humour and social commentary. 

His previous acts have tackled various topics, such as relationships, politics and social issues. 

He has a way of connecting with his audience, making them laugh while also making them think.

2023-04-06  Staff Reporter

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