• August 10th, 2020

Kaptein Tswazi releases'The Reward'

WINDHOEK- Former Tswazi group member, Milton Mootseng, popularly known as Kaptein Tswazi, has joined the bandwagon of releasing his album before the NAMAs deadline today titled 'The Reward'.

Kaptein informed Entertainment Now! that he decided to release the album now just in time for him to make the NAMAs deadline which is tomorrow.'' I wanna take part in the last Awards since I couldn't make the previous one'' he explained.

He said that this has a different style than the previous album with more matured and inspiring sounds and messages'' This is likely the best version of me, I worked with a couple of producers on this one, namely: Staxx Major which he did the most songs. Endru, Dj Dozza, Steven !Naruseb of Welwitschia Music Production, Joe Kay from GBE Studios just to mention a few'' he said.

He has featured the likes of Adora, Tulisan, Joe Kay, Oc Bulan, Jericho, S-ma & Dik Bones, KK Joe Kay from Zimbabwe.

The Reward will be available at Antonio's Art first with the rest of the other towns soon to receive their stock.

Kaptein decided to name the album 'The Reward' beacuse the previous album was named 'Checkmate' which means you won and after winning one needs to be Rewarded he indicated.

Quizzed about what are his plans for December he informed this reporter his focus is to do justice promoting the new album first before anything else.''Currently, I'm not focused on any shows just yet. First I wanna drop my album and then from December onwards start with shows.
I'm planning on shooting four new music videos for the album starting with the leading single Alpha-Omega ft KK'' he ended.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-11-29 10:33:28 | 8 months ago

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