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Katjaimo back with another ‘stokvel’

2023-09-14  Maurice Kambukwe

Katjaimo back with another ‘stokvel’

Katutura constituency councillor Vezemba Rodman Katjaimo has revealed plans to organise a trip for fans who are eager to watch the men’s national team in action at the African Cup of Nations (Afcon) taking place in Ivory Coast next year.

This exciting development comes hot on the heels of the men’s national football team, affectionately known as the Brave Warriors, securing their spot in the much-anticipated 2024 Afcon tournament. In a Facebook post, Katjaimo shared the details of his ambitious initiative, which aims to bring football fans and devoted Warriors supporters together for another journey to the heart of African football.

In his statement, he emphasised the significance of this occasion, stating, “As the Brave Warriors have successfully qualified for their fourth-ever Afcon tourney, it is an opportune moment for our football-loving nation to unite in support of our national team. 

As a qualified sports practitioner representing VRK Sport Management,
we are excited to announce that we will
 be organising a comprehensive package for Namibian fans who wish to
accompany our team.”

“We are currently in discussion with Caf, the exclusive rights holder, and will provide further updates in the near future,” Katjaimo said in the post.

He confirmed the legitimacy of the social media post.

“I am taking on this responsibility
as a proud Namibian citizen,  independently through my sports consultant
company. We are negotiating with a company that will offer an exclusive package, albeit at a premium cost,” he said yesterday.

The former sports presenter furthermore indicated that he will collaborate closely with the local football governing body, the Namibia Football Association (NFA) to ensure the trip’s success.

On the ill-fated Birmingham trip, Katjaimo said: “We all remember how the journey to Birmingham ended in disaster due to the United Kingdom border authorities deeming it illegitimate. However, Ivory Coast offers a different scenario altogether.

“We are committed to working hand in hand with the NFA to facilitate the travel plans for interested fans. During our previous trip to England, the Namibia National Olympic Committee (NNOC) was involved, but regrettably, the narrative was misinterpreted.”

Allaying concerns stemming from the previous trip’s failure, in which 198 participants paid an estimated N$12.3 million, the former journalist offered a compelling analogy.

He said: “Just as in life, experiencing a divorce shouldn’t deter one from considering marriage again in the future. People should place their trust in me. I pursued sports management as my chosen field of expertise, and through my company, which is currently under different management, we are determined to ensure the success of this journey.
We’ve learned invaluable lessons from our past missteps and are well equipped to execute this endeavour effectively. I believe people should have faith in us.”


Birmingham nightmare

Last year, Katjaimo organised a similar trip for sports lovers destined for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England.

That trip was short-lived after most participants at the time did not have the requisite documentation and background to attend an event of the Commonwealth Games’ stature.

In the eyes of the immigration officials, the Birmingham Games were simply a decoy and the ultimate reason for their journey was to claim asylum upon entering Great Britain.


Last month, Katjaimo took to social media to apologise to those who lost out on the Birmingham adventure.

He was resolute in his resolve that the purpose of the trip was to support the Namibian team at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, opposing the narrative that they had intended to seek asylum in the UK.

“Oh, how we dreamed of standing together, proud and united, as we cheered for our athletes, showcasing the spirit and resilience of our great
nation. We wanted to be there, on that global platform, to demonstrate our unwavering support for our talented sportsmen and sportswomen. 

However, our aspirations were shattered, our dreams crushed, and our journey came to an abrupt halt,” the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) councillor said.

The post came hot on the heels of reports that Katjaimo was reported to the country’s anti-graft agency.

“I am not aware of a complaint
reported to the ACC by those who paid their money into the various accounts in question. I, however, would have expected them to report such matter to the police, either on charges of theft or money laundering, whatever the offence was committed,” said Paulus Noa, director general of the Anti-Corruption Commission, when asked about the case last month.


2023-09-14  Maurice Kambukwe

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