• April 9th, 2020

Kavihuha slams ‘self-created mess’

WINDHOEK - The Teachers Union of Namibia (TUN) secretary-general Mahongora Kavihuha has called on the education ministry to intervene and withdraw the statement by Omusati education directorate recalling all transferred grade 9 learners from grade 10.

Kavihuha urged parents not to allow their children to be taken back to grade 9 and encouraged teachers and principals not to accept the arrangement either. 

The letter circulating on social media stated that the region has experienced a serious challenge for spaces in secondary schools for grade 10 learners for this academic year.

“It is therefore against this background that a resolution was passed, that all transferred grade 9 leaners to grade 10 for 2020 academic year should be advised to repeat grade 9 at their respective schools due to the reason stated above,” reads a letter authored by Omusati education director Laban Shapange. 

Shapange’s cellphone rang unanswered and the ministry’s executive director Sanet Steenkamp could not be reached for comment yesterday. 

Kavihuha said this is a logistical issue, which any planner should be able to deal with.  
He added the Omusati education directorate did not consider the psychological impact of their decision on the learners.

“They are not sensitive to the emotions of the kids and now using the kids to cover up their failure,” Kavihuha said, while stating they should clean up their ‘self-created mess’.

He stated a good planner would always know how many spaces are available at schools, including the number of learners to be considered for promotion and possible transfers. 

 “This should even be a 10 years projection not month to month projection. You should know that children born in 2019 will need classrooms in seven years’ time,” he stated. 

He said for TUN, this is a clear manifestation that those who are in decision-making positions in the education ministry are sleeping on duty, and are not serious about the Namibian children.

Selma Ikela
2020-01-13 07:10:09 | 2 months ago

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