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//Kharas top brass preach people-centred development

2020-09-22  Steven Klukowski

//Kharas top brass preach people-centred development
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AUS - !Nami#Nus constituency councillor Jan Scholtz said feedback and review is a critical component of every organisation with a joint vision. 
“Feedback allows us to see what has been done, what is being done, the impact it has and allows us to plan our actions for the future,” he said during the celebration of Settlement Day, which took place at Aus in the //Kharas region recently. 
Scholtz also said the Harambee Prosperity Plan, under the pillar of effective governance, calls for accountability and transparency which in turn leads to improved service delivery. 

“It is for this reason my office has convened this gathering today in order to provide feedback to the community of Aus settlement on development that took place for the last four years and furthermore to give them the opportunity to air their concerns so that we can leave here on one common ground,” he emphasised. 
Scholtz, who is also the regional council chairperson, further argued that the sharing of ideas will spur entrepreneurial success, aid in appropriate planning and reconstructing activities in order to meet personal, corporate and national agendas. 

He added residents in the settlement, !Nami#Nus constituency and //Kharas region as a whole have a joint vision, namely progress, development and attainment of development goals in order to eradicate poverty and ensure steady growth of the nation. 
“Let us abide by such principles and bring to realisation the sustained growth and development of our region,” he added.  
Also speaking during the event, //Kharas chief regional officer Beatus Kasete said government has recognised and accepted participatory planning as key for development. 

“When development takes place without the involvement of those on grassroots level, it will most likely not be realised,” he said. 
The CRO added the Decentralisation Act for that purpose allows for the establishment of regional councils, local authorities, settlements as well as developmental communities within these related structures.
 “Development should therefore be taking place through, by and for the people,” said Kasete. He furthermore urged the community present to assist each other, rather than only be concentration on their mistakes. 

“You should instead focus on the positives and build each other as you are not on an island in Aus, but forms part of a much bigger picture at the end,” he advised.
 Kasete also expressed his gratitude towards the business fraternity in Aus for their continued support towards development at the settlement. 
He also said community projects should be regarded as an income-generating business.
 “We should in future look into supporting initiative, pro-active residents who have started projects before and proved to make a success of it with funds or equipment granted by government,” the CRO emphasised. 

The administrator then called on residents to start accepting responsibility for past time failures and plan properly for the future in order not to repeat them. 
“By doing so, you can then come up with innovative ideas to optimally use existing infrastructure in your area to become economically viable for self- sustainability,” Kasete said. 

2020-09-22  Steven Klukowski

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