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Khomas can only help 100 flood victims

2022-01-21  Loide Jason

Khomas can only help 100 flood victims

Several households in Windhoek’s informal settlements endured hardships because of persistent rainfall over the past few days, but the Khomas Regional Council is only prepared to assist 100 residents from five constituencies who suffered from flash floods.

Khomas Regional Council chairperson John Moonde told New Era yesterday that five constituencies in the region have suffered massive damage caused by rain, especially in the informal settlements, but council could only afford to help a small number of people.

“We bought food, mattresses and corrugated zinc sheets. We are ready, as we just had an urgent meeting today with five constituency councillors from Samora Machel, Tobias Hainyeko, Moses //Garoeb, Khomasdal and Windhoek Rural. The residents in those constituencies are suffering as water is running through their shacks and damaging their properties, including food items,” he explained.

So far, dry food items, mattresses and corrugated zincs are the only logistical items procured, and that is the only assistance the regional council can render to the residents.

“Unfortunately, we are not prepared for relocation as we do not have land. But if the situation becomes worse, we will arrange with the local council to assist the people,” Moonde stated.

He warned residents not to settle in areas where waterflow will endanger their lives and destroy their property during the rainy season.

The councillor furthermore complained that the Monte Cristo road, being upgraded for the Ongos Valley development, has also contributed to the destruction of the residential properties.

“The road, which is under construction, is creating problems for the people because the water is no longer flowing properly and has now flooded the people’s shacks. It deserves to be assessed because our people are now suffering, and they will suffer more as more rain is predicted to come,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, four vehicles were washed away by heavy rains on Wednesday at Elisenheim and in the Eros suburb, respectively.

 According to the owner of a first responder company, Sean Naude, vehicles were washed away while the owners were trying to cross the river to go to their houses.

“I want to give a stern warning that people must not endanger their lives unnecessarily by crossing rivers while there is a heavy flow. They must pull off and wait for the water to subside. It is better to be late than not make it,” he urged.

One of the four vehicles which were washed away by floods in the area of  Elisenheim was found yesterday morning by a search team, while the other three vehicles were recovered on the scene. 

The occupants were rushed to hospital for monitoring, while no injuries were reported. -

2022-01-21  Loide Jason

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