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Legg-Ghetto makes acting debut

2021-04-16  Strauss Lunyangwe

Legg-Ghetto makes acting debut

Staying true to his word earlier this year, Legg-Ghetto has finally made his debut acting career in a local film, titled Briefcase.

The ‘Konima yombashu’ hitmaker told VIBEZ! that he plays a dangerous criminal in the movie from the township. 

“My character in the BriefCase is a general, a dangerous tsotsi from the Kasi, who is the most feared gangsta around. I am that problem general guy that all the Kasi mickey mouse tsotsis fear,” he explained.

The film revolves around a character, called Tom Smith, a retired US marine officer, who is in Namibia to complete a business deal and all the important documents are in his briefcase, including N$50 000 in cash.

Producer of the movie Gustav Nuuyoma from Optimistic Media Group said Tom’s worst fears became real when his wife told him she wants a divorce. 

“While Tom was driving home, he pulls over to rethink the decision of his wife; unfortunately, where he parks is a hot spot for hijackers. The briefcase is taken and the criminals run off with it. Tom is determined to do anything to reclaim the briefcase.” Nuuyoma said production process could have been a week to two weeks but due to the time and weather factors, production was stretched over until Mid February.

“The movie turns out great but it’s worth mentioning that every production comes distinctively and provides its pleasure to the intended audience/viewers. The aim was to make an exceptional and international appealing movie,” he explained.

Legg-Ghetto feels the movie is hardcore, with a township storyline that will resonate well with viewers. 

“It is a great movie – the first hardcore Kasi movie in Namibia at the moment. I love the story behind the movie and the actors in it are all fabulous; it is something worth watching – and it is indeed a brilliant movie.” 
The crew further urged business people, corporate companies, investors, government institutions and policymakers to look at the film industry as a revenue stream and potential employer. 

“Other than entertainment, whenever a film production is happening, a lot of people are always employed – and is not only about the actors, directors and production heads. I mean logistic companies, catering companies, hotels, clothing, security – even electrical companies, depending on the types of production happening – can all be employed to provide service on a movie set,” Nuuyoma ended.  BriefCase is due to have a public screening on 30 April 2021 or early next month. 

2021-04-16  Strauss Lunyangwe

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