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Meat and Beer Festival was another one for the books

2023-10-13  Correspondent

Meat and Beer Festival was another one for the books

Julina Kaakunga

The much anticipated two-day Meat and Beer Festival event volume 10 made waves this past weekend, with engaging performances from various artists, dancers and models leaving, the crowd begging for an encore.

The first edition, volume 1, took place in Okahandja on 9 April 2022. 

“It’s an event that attracts a huge number of people, and that’s why we call it an economic boosting event,” said the founder, Venee Mieze. 

Mieze is an event consultant and promoter through a company he founded under the name TrailB Events.

“I do a lot of events, with the Meat and Beer Festival being the biggest. I studied Journalism and Media studies,” he said, adding that his educational background has made it possible for him to devise and create a unique event.

Despite the weekend being taken over by other events, such as the Kasi Vibe Festival and Windhoek Jazz Festival, the Meat and Beer Festival kicked it off with a great audience that same weekend. 

Zemii boy, Ozil, the VMS dance crew and more made way for the models who took to the stage with their bikinis for the first round. 

In the second round, they had the chance to strut their creative wear, where, according to Edison Kaloko Uapingene, one of the judges believed it was for them to showcase their creativity and hopefully inspire others, as they also presented their thoughts on the creative designs. 

The third round was all down to their elegant evening wear. 

Uapingene also shared his thoughts on how choosing a winner was not easy, but he was glad that after a lengthy discussion, they came to a conclusion, as they tried to be fair as possible. 

“We focused more on their stage presence and confidence. The models were still upcoming, as most of them were probably in their first or second pageant,” he said. 

“It came to a point where we had a tie and needed to choose between two contestants; we needed to choose who is capable of representing the brand and had a voice,” he added.

The moment awaited arrived, and Jessica Jazikama Kaura was crowned Miss Meat and Beer Festival 2023, alongside Menaije Pakarae as first runner-up, and Mazuu Katjipi for Miss Public Choice as well as second runner-up. 

Kaura expressed her excitement, saying she did not expect the win, as she was not ready when it was almost time for the first round. 

“I had no one to do my makeup, so I cried; but then, I later decided to do my makeup,” she said. 

She further explained that the audience boosted her confidence, which made her believe in herself again. 

“For those who did not make it, it doesn’t matter, as we are all Queens at the end of the day,” she assured her fellow contestants.

More performances kicked off on Saturday by Yeezir, who expressed his love for the Meat and Beer Festival, saying this is his fourth performance at the event – and that he enjoys it every time. He added that the experience has been top-notch. 

“I would definitely always come back again – and to all the upcoming artists, man just do your thing and pray to God a lot more.”

Other artists, such as One Blood, Chester House Prince, Ethnix and many others in the industry also grooved on stage. 

The event also catered for business owners, who wished to sell at the venue. 

Veripi Kazekondjo humorously said the event helped her right before it kicked off. “I am expecting good things; I really want it to succeed as always,” she noted. 

“Not only does it help my stock, but it also earns me new loyal customers who would always come back – even if we met at a different place,” emphasised Kazekondjo. 

One of the audience, Vijanda Ukarerani, said the thing that stood out to her the most was the security. 

“We were amongst officers in the crowd, and I felt very safe,” she explained. 

The officers made sure to keep an eye on everything and everyone. 

“For the first time, I was able to attend an event and not worry about taking my phone out for photos with the fear of it getting robbed.”

“I’m humbled by the love that people have for this event. I’m always impressed and thankful that everyone believes in me and my initiatives. The Meat and Beer Festival has grown beyond my expectations, and I’m going to be restless until I get it on the map by getting cooperate sponsors on board. The event is indeed good for business,” Mieze concluded. -

2023-10-13  Correspondent

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