• August 13th, 2020

Meatco gets biggest portion of Norwegian beef quota

WINDHOEK - Meat Board of Namibia the company tasked to facilitate the export of livestock, meat and processed meat products to importing countries announced that it has allocated the Norwegian beef quota of 1600 tonnes beef for 2020.

The company in a statement late last week said after assessing applications that it has received, the company decided to allocate the Norwegian beef quota of 1 400 tonnes for 2020 to Meatco and 200 tonnes to Brukkaros Abattoir.

The company said the utilisation of the quota is subject to strict implementation procedures and will be effective 1 January.

However, the Meat Board stressed that the allocation must still be ratified by the Minister of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, Tjekero Tweya.

So far, Meatco has utilised 95 percent of the Norwegian quota for 2019 and indications are that it will utilise the full beef quota of 1,600t for 2020.

According to Meatco Executive: Marketing & Sales, Isaac Nathinge, by fulfilling the quota, Meatco has proven to the Norwegian authorities that it has the capacity and capability to fully utilise its allocation and an additional quota in future.

The Norway market is a significant business relationship that Meatco will continue to nurture. In 2019, Meatco received 1,300 tonnes and Brukkaros 300 tonnes, and thus far, they managed to use 70,5 tonnes and the remaining 229,5 tonnes was re-allocated to Meatco after Brukkaros stopped slaughtering a few weeks ago. 

So, in total, Meatco received 1,529.50 tonnes of the Norway quota for 2019

Loide Jason
2019-12-17 07:35:11 | 7 months ago

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