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Muwanei ropes in labour experts to fight Pirates…player demands unpaid wages

2023-04-20  Maurice Kambukwe

Muwanei ropes in labour experts to fight Pirates…player demands unpaid wages

Disgruntled striker Mapenzi Muwanei has roped in the services of labour experts to assist in his ongoing boardroom tussle with Debmarine Namibia Premiership outfit Orlando Pirates, whom the player claims has refused to pay his outstanding wages since January this year. 

Muwanei, who instructed labour experts Kahiriri Sports & Labour Consultancy to act on his behalf, is demanding N$18 000 in unpaid wages from Pirates. 

Pirates’ chairman Zedekias Gowaseb yesterday stated that he was not aware of the issue and only saw the letter of demand from Muwanei yesterday as well. He promised to seek more clarity from the club’s management before providing further clarity. 

“I just received the letter now and I don’t even know the situation at hand. But I believe once I speak to the club’s management, I will then be in a better position to comment on the matter. I don’t know all the players at the club, but I will definitely take this up with management,” he promised.

But Kahiriri Sports & Labour Consultancy yesterday refused to have none of Gowaseb’s explanations, demanding that the outstanding wages should be paid over to the player within 24 hours or else they will be left with no choice but to approach the labour court. 

“We hold instructions that our client entered into a fix-term (5 months) verbal employment contract with Orlando Pirates Football Club on or about January 2023, which is set to expire on 31 May 2023, with a remuneration of N$4 500 per month. It is further our client’s instructions that our client was only remunerated for the month of January 2023, while he continued rendering his services to the club up until March 2023” 

“In the same token, our client’s instructions are that the club informed him verbally that his services were no longer required, hence, the employment agreement was unliterary altered and terminated without a just cause. Since March 2023 to April 2023 through the league director (Mr Mabos Vries) the club promised that our client’s dues were to be added on March's payroll. Perplexingly, to date, you have not honoured your obligations in respect of paying his emoluments to a sum N$ 18 000.00,” said the labour firm. 

“Such overt actions were taken by your organization knowing that they amount to unfair labour practices, termination of the contract without a just cause and are in contravention of Namibian Laws, NFA Rules and Regulations and FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players. It is against the aforesaid facts that we demand that you pay N$18 000 due to our client within 24 hours' thereafter, furnish us with proof of payment.”

The player’s representives added that: “Failure to comply leaves our client with no option but to institute legal actions and seek relevant avenues to assert his rights in this matter at your personal legal cost and that of your office if your office and yourself irrefutably opt for a legal spectacle. In the interim, be advised that all our client’s rights are and remain expressly reserved. In advance, we further implore your meritorious retort in this regard.”


2023-04-20  Maurice Kambukwe

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