• September 26th, 2020

Nghipangelwa to make way for youth at Helao Nafidi

ONGWEDIVA - When he completes a five-year tenure as mayor of Helao Nafidi at the end of 2020 - having been re-elected several times, Eliaser Nghipangelwa - who was re-elected on Tuesday said he will bow out to pave way for an infusion of young blood.

“This will be my last term. I want to give an opportunity to the youth to contest and learn from the experience,” said Nghipangelwa.

Before serving as a mayor, he served as a councillor for five years and at the end of next year, he would complete 10 years with the council.

Before he steps down, Nghipangelwa said he would like to have implemented a project which will focus on youth development.

He vows to engage the youth to hear their needs and challenges and see how best they can be tackled in order to improve the livelihood of the youth.

Meanwhile, he’s thinking of getting the youth to buy into the idea of agriculture by giving them plots to start small gardens at the town.

Nghipangelwa acknowledges that the council does not really have vast land at the moment, but says that they can start with the little that they have.

He said the idea of small gardens will not only ensure food security for the youth and their families but it can subsequently also create an income for them and thereby fight unemployment amongst the youth.
“This is an idea that I would still need to engage my fellow councillors on, but it is the legacy that I want to leave behind,” said Nghipangelwa.

In addition to Nghipangelwa being re-elected into his position, all other councillors also retained their positions.

Nghipangelwa is deputised by Panduleni Hainghumbi. Lilie Hashoongo remains the chairperson of the management committee with Paulus Haikali and Tomas Kandjembo as part of the management.

Ester Nghidimbwa and Frieda Kashikatu will serve as ordinary members.
In Oshana region, the Oshakati town council had to postpone its swearing-in ceremony to an indefinite date on Tuesday

Acting Chief Executive Officer Kornelius Kapolo informed that the Swapo Party had not resolved its nomination of candidates.

Nuusita Ashipala
2019-12-06 07:51:50 | 9 months ago


  1. User
    motinga ndapuka Lukas

    Good move by Nghipangelwa for being re-elected as the Mayor of the town. Hard works pays off as we use to say, the fellow Councillors obviously have seen the potential work he have done so far and will continue doing the best he can in his last term as lament. All I want to say is that wish you all the best to implement all the project of your intention and surely to pave good developmental for the town . Your legacy will definitely be appreciated.