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Opinion - Evolving customer service in Africa

2020-07-08  Staff Reporter

Opinion - Evolving customer service in Africa
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In the era of hyper-consumerism, African customers want more: better service, a better experience and a better connection. The nature of customer service on the African continent is changing. Customers no longer want to be passive observers in a top-down approach to customer experiences, but central to these processes that engage them in their own language, within the context of their own cultures. Without doubt, a one-size-fits-all model does not work therefore every country on the continent and within that, every region has its own nuances that govern customer behaviour and the experiences that shape that behaviour.   

As such, organisations need to embrace customisation and localisation. That is why MultiChoice Namibia (MCN) has reshaped its business to revolutionise the customer experience from the ground up. Now more than ever, customer satisfaction acts a golden thread in our scope of engagements, and to celebrate our most valuable assets, our customers, we’re introducing a weekly column to share our “best practices” on concepts related to customer experience.  

Rooted in the communities it serves, MCN aims to truly connect with and engage its customers. 
We strongly believe in a customer-first approach – a key ingredient in business prosperity and sustainability. 
Our inbound call centre staff, office employees, agents and installers are all drawn from local communities and have been empowered through skills development to fulfil their individual roles within the business. We believe that this progressive direction in customer care is one that can be benchmarked against international standards. Offering value for money, understanding our customer preferences and tailoring platforms to cater to diverse audiences falls in line with our main objectives, hence our determination to deliver unmatched customer service and responding to customer needs. 

In light of the uncertain times, we are currently faced with Covid-19 and following the national state of emergency announcement, 
Namibians find themselves homebound. Since all broadcasters were classified as essential services, we’re making it easier for our customers to adhere to these measures during these trying times by providing a fantastic line-up of the world’s best home video entertainment alongside a host of self-service options.  

Creating the right customer experience is a responsibility for every employee and service provider at every touchpoint. As humans, we remember experiences, how we felt in certain situations. That is why we encourage our call centre agents, all of our customer facing staff, agents and installers to listen beyond the enquiry and engagement to understand our customers’ changing lives, the pressures they face and what matters most to them. We are committed to using these insights to put our customers at the heart of the decisions each of us make every day. 
We would like to hear from you, if you have any questions or suggestions on the topic of customer experience, please write to us at   

*Roger Gertze is Managing Director of Multichoice Namibia

2020-07-08  Staff Reporter

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