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Oruharui expo aims to raise bar …third instalment promises bigger and better showcase

2022-04-05  Charles Tjatindi

Oruharui expo aims to raise bar …third instalment promises bigger and better showcase

The annual Oruharui SME and Agricultural Expo plans to come back bigger and better for its third edition later this year. Among the anticipated improvement to the annual showcase will be the addition of better kraal pens and holding facilities for the livestock at the event.

 The event’s founder, Florence Handura told AgriToday that this year’s expo, which will be held at a yet-to-be determined date in October, will be staged at the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform facilities.

 She said although the facilities require some minor renovations, they are far better than the current holding pens from which the expo had been hosted during the previous two editions.

 Handura said this year’s event would also cover more categories in a bid to lure more exhibitors, especially the youth. She said, given the current economic insecurities due to global threats, it would be wise for young people to take up agriculture to feed themselves and earn a little extra for living expenses.

 “We need more young people to stand up and form businesses in the agriculture field or any related field so they can be in a position to take care of themselves. Fixed or permanent jobs in government or elsewhere are no longer guaranteed; we need to work the land with our hands to make a living for ourselves,” she said.

 The entrepreneur, who is also involved in several other lines of agri-business including the blending of her popular Ondungu sauce, called on the corporate sector to come on board to make the expo even bigger through sponsorship.

 She said although many sponsors had initially shown interest in the event last year, the uncertainties posed by Covid-19 which led to the postponement of several events planned for the year, made them jittery.

 “I want to assure whoever wants to join us from the corporate world in this amazing journey that keeps taking us to new heights. The community of farmers and other corporate companies have taken note and are on board; let›s make it even stronger through your participation,” she said.

 The mini-expo brings together various players in the agriculture industry for a showdown in the various prize categories up for grabs.

 This event is staged at Okatjoruu in the Okotjituuo area in the Okakarara constituency.

 The expo, according to Handura, was founded with the aim of bridging the gap between buyers and sellers in the agriculture industry in the area and to also boost the local economy of Okotjituuo.

 Another aim of the mini expo is to get young people off the streets and instead encourage them to turn to agri-business as a means to put bread on the table.

 Handura said agriculture is one industry that could turn things around economically for Namibians, given the current rise in the cost of living.

 “We need to start thinking out of the box now and see how we can use agriculture to our advantage. For example, if you have slaughtered a sheep in the village, perhaps it would be wise to preserve its fat and use it for cooking to replace cooking oil. We are facing tough times, so we need to be innovative,” she said.

2022-04-05  Charles Tjatindi

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