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Pandemic cripples tailoring businesses

2020-08-28  Nuusita Ashipala

Pandemic cripples tailoring businesses
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Nuusita Ashipala

ONGWEDIVA - With many events including weddings having been postponed as a result of the reduction of numbers of people allowed to attend public gatherings during the Covid-19 state of the emergency, the tailoring industry has suffered a huge financial blow.
The number which ranged from 10 to 250 and back again at 10 in August has made people reluctant to have garments tailored for their functions.
Although tailors usually make a killer profit from May and August weddings, some tailors that New Era spoke to said it is not the case this year.
In addition to the weddings, people requiring designer clothes have also significantly reduced, as there are no major events to attend.
The situation has literally left many unemployed, as those who had workers had to lay off their employees and others homeless as they were kicked out of their rented apartments.
A tailor who chose to only be identified as Anna said she had to send her children back to the village as there is no income to sustain them.
“These days, one can even just make a N$300 a month. That money alone is not enough to buy electricity, pay rent, much less sustain myself and children,” lamented Anna.
Anna said a week can go by without seeing a customer walk through the door.
“The only customers coming through now, are those who wish to have their clothes altered from big to small and it is usually for a minimal fee, just enough money to buy tomatoes and onions,” said Anna.
She said the pandemic affects everyone, making it impossible for people to purchase ready-made clothes. “Even the clothes that we had tailored before corona came along, are now gathering dust,” said Anna.
Another tailor, Maria Johannes said although they understand the seriousness of Covid-19, the measures in place are crippling their income.
With the low cash inflow, Johannes said in her case she is surviving on the money she had saved up.
“Mind you once I take a N$100, it is gone, I have no income to put it back. By the time all these lockdowns will be lifted, there will be no money left to keep the business going,” said Johannes.

2020-08-28  Nuusita Ashipala

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