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PDK back with a bang for NAMAs finale

2020-04-09  Paheja Siririka

PDK back with a bang for NAMAs finale
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 Paheja Siririka

Namibia’s favourite trio PDK received six nominations for various categories at the 2020 NAMAs. Mr Okay Okay, otherwise known as KP Illest, has six nominations and duo Ethnix got five nominations.
Adora, Cassidy Karon, Joharetha, Sally Boss Madam follows with four nods each, and Berthold Mbinda, Dixon, DJ Castro, Sunny Boy were selected in three categories each.
RnB singer Bertholdt Mbinda, mononymously known as Bertholdt, is nominated in three categories. He told Entertainment Now! he feels incredulous but excited and overwhelmed. He further credited this milestone to many local music creatives.
“I have worked with 85% of the industry and everyone played a vital role in my musical career throughout my two decades of being around,” said Bertholdt.
He said nominations defined his musical preference. “I have always been known as the jack of all trades and cannot be boxed to just one type of genre. All three songs nominated happen to be my favourite on the album” mentioned Bertholdt.
He said the NAMAs have been great to him. “I will forever be indebted to them for acknowledging my first ever album that was released 10 years ago. I scooped two awards on the first-ever awards ceremony. So, all I can wish them is many greater heights. Who knows? I have a feeling they will be back again, doing great things for our music industry,” believed Betholdt.
He further sympathised with fellow artists who have lost income due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.
“This too shall pass; we all went through the same struggles but your creativity and consistency will take you far. Never stop being different and creative. Stick to your craft; someone out there will relate to your magic and so it will grow to greater heights. Know God in your ups and downs, and he will make a way,” advised Bertholdt.
He has shared the stage and studio time with late legendary South African musician Hugh Masekela in Ghana, along with Lady May Africa. He lent his vocals on Julius Malema's track by artist Biblos and DJ Style’s Standwa Sam alongside Lady May Africa.
Another artist who could not contain her excitement was 25-year-old Rosa Jahjid Majiedt, known as Rose Blvc. “I am grateful and excited. The nominations are a big deal,” she acclaimed.
Known in the jazz circle, Rose Blvc said her style of music does not associate with a specific genre. I am a fusion artist and style ranges across the board: reggae, jazz, soul and RnB.
She expressed relieved that all the hard work and sacrifices are paying off. “These seven nominations alone prove that I have not been too hard on myself for nothing. I am glad that my supporters can also feel a sense of joy for always staying consistent and loyal by my side through this whole journey,” narrated Rose Blvc.
She started the musical journey at the Hilton Kalabar in December 2017 and has performed on numerous stages. “These nominations are a stepping stone to bigger things for me as my journey proceeds,” she said.
The NAMAs finale is slated for the Dome, Swakopmund, in the Erongo region on 2 May 2020. It is going ahead as planned until otherwise decided by the organisers, NBC and MTC.

2020-04-09  Paheja Siririka

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