• July 5th, 2020

Personality of the week: Magreth Mengo

Name:              Magreth Mengo
Date of Birth:         12/06/1984
Place of Birth:         Windhoek 
Marital Status:         Single
Nickname:         Magy
Car:             Audi
Current Club:         DTS
Previous Club/s:         Unam Hockey Club
Position:         Midfielder 
Career achievements: I have a few from netball, hockey and athletics but since I’m full-time playing hockey, I would say my biggest achievement is playing professional hockey in Holland. I became the first Namibian to ever play high-level hockey. 
Favourite hockey player locally or internationally: Holland’s Marieke Dijkstra, she’s my all-time favourite.
Most memorable match: Winning the Africa Cup and qualifying for the 2018 Indoor Hockey World Cup, which made us number one in Africa.
Biggest disappointment: Losing out on the quarterfinal spot at the World Cup.
Biggest influence on your career: My past.
If not hockey, which other sport would you have played: I also partook in athletics and netball, so it would have been one of those two. 
Describe Namibian hockey in three words: Winners, committed and impactful. 
Your ambitions for 2020: To excel at my career and be there for my son. 

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?     Instagram
Hamburgers or pizza?         Pizza
TV shows or movies?         Movies 
Long or short hair?         Short
Dress or pants?             Both, it all depends.
Workout at home or the gym?     Home
Christmas or Valentine’s Day?     Christmas, I’m family orientated.
What’s worse, laundry or dishes?     Laundry, especially when 

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