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Popya - Ndjuluwa97 offers free soft skills training to learners

2020-03-25  Aletta Shikololo

Popya - Ndjuluwa97 offers free soft skills training to learners

Founded by a dedicated and a passionate young woman Elivi Shinedima, Ndjuluwa97 Academy offers extra classes to school learners in all grades, prepares them for examination, computer and sports training while also providing them with educational tours coupled with workshops around Windhoek. 

 With the assistance of her colleagues, she uses the opportunity to further assist different learners and students every Friday by offering free soft skills training in areas such as emotional intelligence, public speaking, talent and passion discovery, financial literacy amongst others.

Shinedima who is a full-time social entrepreneur, public speaker, philanthropist and karate instructor but a teacher by profession continues to positively make an impact in society in every way possible.
Talking to Popya, Shinedima said the training offered is very practical and engaging as most learners, especially those in primary and high school are well aware and informed about what problems they would want to solve as they grow up.

She further added that, without any external influence about their career choices, learners are normally referred to by their professions’ titles on a daily basis, they do role plays, while fully dressed in their professional attires to get a glimpse of what it entails for example being a doctor (surgeon or dentist), nurse, pilot, engineer and get exposed and mentored by older graduates who have studied the same courses.

“Theory alone is not enough, learners and students ought to be fully prepared for the real world out there and be well-aware about what their jobs entail apart from the theoretical part of it, thus focusing more on the practical aspects of their careers either at schools or through doing holiday jobs or job-attachments is pivotal,” says Shinedima. 

 She encourages every parent, guardian, family member or older friend out there to not force their children to choose a course they feel is good for their child to fill the guilt gap of what they should have done or studied when they were younger, but rather provide guidance depending on the child’s talent and passion.  She also advises young students and graduates out there to practice public speaking, be it at home, workplaces or at their educational institutions as it instills confidence and self-awareness.

“ I would also like to encourage all employers to see that they regularly invest in their employees, as salary alone is not enough, human beings seek for more than just a pay-check, create a great and conducive working environment, appreciate and complement their efforts, put them in charge, give them a sense of belonging and direction and host development workshops/training once in a while,” she explained, adding that people need to find their passions and have fun while doing at it. 

2020-03-25  Aletta Shikololo

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