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‘Pot’ race heats up in Kavango West

2014-08-01  Mathias Haufiku

‘Pot’ race heats up in Kavango West

WINDHOEK - The race among those who aim to make it into the “pot” as candidates for Kavango West Region during the ruling party’s electoral college will be decided next Tuesday when six candidates will battle it out for the two positions available.

New Era understands the party’s regional conference that will elect the candidates will see three men and three women vying for the two positions up for grabs, which will be their ticket to the college.

Swapo’s Regional Coordinator for Kavango West Dawid Hamutenya yesterday confirmed the regional conference will take place next week and urged all candidates to remain united despite the outcome.

New Era learnt the six are Kletus Karondo, Pesa Johannes and Anterus Hawina; Lilian Shaningwa, Marina Kandumbu and Hendrina Kadubuli.

Hamutenya reminded the candidates they must be united and the conference will serve as a test to see how united and loyal they are to the party.

“Those who do not emerge victorious should not feel left out because we cannot all represent the people at the same time,” he said.

“Those people who refuse to remain united after losing elections are the ones who set their personal interests before that of the populace,” said Hamutenya.

“Why should someone become angry if they are not elected, it simply means that those who did the electing opted not to choose you to lead them. We must continue to fight evils such as regionalism, tribalism and nepotism. Party members must stand together as one and support whoever emerge victorious,” he said.

“This region is still relatively new,” said Hamutenya, “therefore we need to stand united and build it to improve the lives of those we represent.”

The conference will also elect four members from the region, who will go to the electoral college as delegates.

By Mathias Haufiku

2014-08-01  Mathias Haufiku

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