• August 6th, 2020

Saddy, Bliss to release a collaborative album

Hard at work to find a niche for themselves into the local market, talented and sensational music duo, Sadrax Ndjubila popularly known as Saddy, and Remember Nashiwaya aka Bliss annouced this week that they are releasing a collaborative album mid this month.

Having collaborated in 2016 on their first song, The Future, which went viral on social media as one of the best and most loved songs from upcoming singers, the duo may be back at it again, with an album to be titled Genesis. “Since we were still young and always struggled with studio fees, we then thought it could be beneficial to us if we work together to create a unique style, and at the same time support each other with costs. This is a challenge that we face in our musical career,” explains Saddy.

According to Bliss, they decided to title the album Genesis, which means the beginning of creation, and for them thus the beginning of phenomenal music, as the album consists of a variety of unique and experimental sounds.

The album is currently available on pre-order and it is expected to hit the market by mid-March. The album consists of 19 songs, with contributions from a few great Namibian producers such as DJ Chronics, Bexxa Carter, Andrew and Mamba. “We could undoubtedly describe the whole album as a hit album, as every song on it received our full creativity and style.

However, apart from singles that have already caused waves, like OMG and Pass Me Dashi, we have a feeling that given sufficient support, most of the songs on the album, if not all, are capable of an even bigger dispersal,” adds Saddy.
Bliss says the album entirely comprises modern and ancient stories in a way that they think people will understand better. “Most of the songs are motivational and encouragement to the youth, serving as their voice and addressing numerous issues that we face as individuals and as a country at large,” he adds.

Not with any label currently, the duo is also establishing an official record label of their own under which they will release more projects. They are also looking forward to signing a few upcoming musicians and help them develop their music careers, once they reach a noticeable rank in the music industry. They also plan to focus on creating a couple of vibrant locally designed brands.


Pinehas Nakaziko
2019-03-08 11:00:11 | 1 years ago

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