• April 1st, 2020

Shun irresponsible statements on social media - Simataa

WINDHOEK - The Minister of Information and Communication Technology Stanley Simataa said Namibians should continue to shun irresponsible statements made on social media as they have the potential to upset the prevailing peace in the country.

The minister was concerned about statements made about the president and the ruling party being brought back to power by ‘illiterates’. Simataa was referring to a post by youthful activist Job Amupanda last week when he said: “Our Windhoek, the Capital City of our Country as enshrined in our Constitution, Thank You.

Thank You and Congratulations for Successfully WINNING the World Cup Semi-Finals, decisively so. The decisive Moment is November 2020 when we take the World Cup. But you also don’t have the respect of Elders my Dear Residents. How can we, as the whole City, REJECT a sitting President like that leaving him to be comforted by illiterate and semi-literate villagers? Why mwa WizWiz like that?’’ 

The minister reminded the public about the independence and freedom in the country was birthed by the blood of forefathers who were the front-runners of the struggle.

‘’Our fathers’ grandfathers and uncles, illiterate as they were sacrificed their lives for you the young generation to be where you are today. So imagine it’s an insult to their intelligence and sacrifices, for us as young people to be making these statements,’’ he said.

He applauded Namibians for heeding government’s call to ensure that the country had peaceful campaigns for all political parties and on election day.

Simataa appealed to the youth to act and behave in a responsible manner and not denigrate the sacrifices that were made by those who are considered to be the forebearers.

He further questioned how the youth would be able to govern the country because the people in the informal settlement might not have education but equally have rights as all Namibians do.

‘’Let’s not undermine the intelligence of other people, educated or uneducated. Are these the type of leaders we want to see running this country who look down on other people? I doubt,’’ he questioned.
The minister believes that Namibians are mature enough to not take such statements made on social media platforms to heart.

This comes after Air Vice-Marshal Martin Kambulu Pinehas, who is also acting Chief of the Defence Force, warned certain individuals who are allegedly inciting political violence against newly elected President Hage Geingob on Monday.

He also revealed that other political threats include the storming and burning of the State House, launching a civil war, blocking of roads, and sabotaging of government installations and key national installations.
On the evening of the national elections, the NDF had assured the nation that Namibia’s security was elevated to the highest level.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-12-05 07:25:26 | 3 months ago

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