• August 24th, 2019
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SKAI Development Karate Champs produce fireworks

WALVIS BAY - A very successful karate development project was completed by the Namibian Shotokan Karate Academy International (SKAI)  last weekend.

The gathering attracted karatekas from the Windhoek-based SKAI Karateka, and from Omaruru, Tsumeb and Walvis Bay for the one-day competition of the 16th annual SKAI Development Championship, hosted by Sensei Wikus Oberholster and his spouse Belinda. This yearly prestigious event is aimed at giving exposure to the development of kiddies (children 8 years and younger), lower grades, in traditional competition, but this year attention was focused on the development of the more senior grades by providing them exposure to World Karate Federation (WKF) rules. 

The championship has gone from strength to strength with more than 200 karatekas from all over Namibia in attendance this year, while a new format was also introduced to this popular championship in that the “senior karatekas” who in prior years only acted as officials, also had a chance to compete in the “WKF” division.  

Saturday morning started with a march-on and a welcoming speech by Sensei Willem Burger, the chief instructor of SKAI.  
Burger welcomed all and applauded parents and karatekas for the spectacular attendance, adding that there is one more championship planned for next month in Windhoek, to conclude this year’s competitions for SKAI.  

Highlights for the SKAI members to look forward would be the championship that will be hosted in August 2019 in South Africa, with parents and karatekas travelling together in two buses to attend this championship which will allow even junior grades to participate internationally. 

The extremely well run competition saw karatekas partaking on four floors as the WKF division allows the only route to obtain national colours for karatekas in Namibia.

This particular division provided karate of the highest quality and had the spectators on the edge of their seats throughout the day with exciting and spectacular karate on display. 
Those that participated developed new enthusiasm and direction, which affects even those that had not participated.  The recognition and associated pride, team spirit and sense of being part of a bigger fraternity, all contribute to growth of the young karateka. 

Shotokan has training centres in Windhoek, Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, Omaruru and Tsumeb. 
The following contact numbers apply: 
Windhoek – Sensei Willem Burger (Chief Instructor) +264 81 129 2519 
Walvis Bay – Sensei Wikus Oberholster (Shihankai)   +264 81 258 2000 
Swakopmund – Sensei Valdemar Swart (Shihankai) +264 85 124 2938
Omaruru – Sensei Marvin Mbari (Dojo Head) +264 81 255 1510 
Tsumeb – Sensei Rudolph Barnard (Dojo Head) +264 81 129 0162. 

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